Local Authorities and Building Control

In Local Authority Housing Fire Sprinklers Protect Residents & Property  and can bring Operational Savings

Local Authorities and Building Control have a duty of care to ensure that the buildings which are occupied by their tenants and owners are safe.

Since 2005 and the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 a simple risk assessment has enabled many to identify any potential problems in the areas of fire safety and means of escape.

Sadly, statistics show social and local authority housing have more fires then less populated areas.

  • Sustainable housing, affordable homes, high rise flats, housing associations and co-ownership properties require a little more consideration then the detached bungalow next door.
  • Fire will not discriminate nor do we – our sprinklers can be installed in virtually every style of property.
  • Main Contractors for local authorities and housing associations will often try to find an alternative to fire sprinklers – but when you can have a sleeping fire fighter in your house protecting your family, tenants and property stock – why compromise?
local authority housing fire sprinklers

Local Authorities

local authority housing fire sprinklers

Means of escape

Ultrasafe has had three sprinkler stops since 2009 and in all cases the fire sprinkler system was fitted into the properties which covered the above groups all at the request of a local authority.
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Since 2002 Ultrasafe have worked for many local authorities including East Sussex County Council, Kent County Council, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Brighton Council, Thanet Council not to mention the fire services including London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

local authority housing fire sprinklers

Local Authorities

The importance of a sprinkler system is that it will control and in most cases extinguish a fire should before the fire and rescue services arrive. Sprinklers prevent flashover from occurring and as such allow for better tenable conditions, allowing occupants to escape safely. Far from being a life safety system, a sprinkler system can go a long way to ensure independent living of the occupants it is protecting.

A fire sprinkler system can provide you not only with the full peace of mind that residents are protected 24/7. Additionally a fire sprinkler system could bring you potential operational cost savings:

  • Integrating a fire sprinkler system into your fire strategy could reduce the quantity of portable fire fire-fighting equipment you need.
  • A full sprinkler system could allow you to reduce you staff costs, especially in the evening.

Fire sprinklers are becoming more of the norm in the UK. In Scotland it is compulsory for sprinklers to be installed in all schools, care homes, buildings above 18m and sheltered accommodation. Wales have taken this one step further and from late 2016 will require sprinklers to be fitted in all new domestic and residential buildings.


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