Water Mist Fire Sprinklers – Low Flow Fire Suppression

Ultramist Ltd have extensive experience in water mist fire sprinkler systems. We have used this experience to develop the Low Flow Stored Pressure (LFSP) Fire Suppression system.

Back at the very beginning Ultrasafe wanted a fire sprinkler system which would do the following:

  • operate in the event of a complete and total electrical failure.
  • operate in the event of a complete and total mains water failure.
  • be independent of mechanical components.
  • utilise restricted storage areas.
  • use concealed sprinkler heads.
  • provide an operational suppression of either 10 or 30 minutes depending on the risk.
  • use a sprinkler nozzle which was at least FM approved for domestic, residential and other on-shore fire risks.

The result was the Low Flow Stored Pressure (LFSP) fire sprinkler system.

water mist fire sprinkler system

Water Mist  Fire Sprinkler System storage cylinders

The quantity of cylinders utilised in a water mist fire sprinkler system depends on the type of risk. Typically two cylinders will be sufficient for a domestic low flow fire suppression system.

Sometimes it is not always possible to get the desired sprinkler system installed. If there is insufficient water pressure and flow from the water main then a Town Water Main Fed Fire Sprinkler  is not suitable or if there is a lack of storage space to fit a large water tank and self-testing pump set then a Pump and Tank Fire Sprinkler will not be suitable either.

As its name suggests the Low Flow Stored Pressure Fire Sprinkler System uses low flow sprinkler heads to generate a water mist style spray. This requires a lower flow of water to operate effectively. As less water is used, less water stored. Its effectiveness is helped by the fact that the flow of water is stored within tall storage cylinders (CE marked) which are charged with pressure.

Should the quick-response water mist sprinkler head ever active the pressure of the system will force the water through the sprinkler head (or heads) for either ten of thirty minutes depending on the risk.


The system has been extensively tested and researched. Advanced nozzle testing has been conducted the University of Greenwich and the University of Central Lancashire.

Video: See computer fire modelling produced by Professor E. Galea and the University of Greenwich.

Since 2002 the system has been installed in grade listed buildings, care homes, flats, individual private dwellings, penthouses, national ancient monuments and schools.
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In 2009 one of our Low Flow Store Pressure fire suppression systems activated in anger for the first time. The story behind this particular installation could not have been scripted better (click here for details). In this case the lives of an entire family were saved when just one Low Flow Stored Pressure sprinkler head activated and extinguished a fire deliberately started by a little boy.

If you need a fire sprinkler system but have simply not got the space to install a pump and tank system, then our Low Flow Stored Pressure solution could be the answer that you were looking for to meet the BS9251:2005. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information or request a call back at a time that is most convenient for you. For more information on domestic fire sprinklers visit our page on Home Fire Sprinklers or got to our Residential and Domestic Fire Sprinkler Fact Sheets.

See the Fire Sprinkler Requirements
See the BS 9251 Fire Sprinkler Safety Standard

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