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Are you considering fitting a domestic fire sprinkler system in your home?

Domestic Sprinklers – save lives and enable dream designs.

So you have a dream design, open plan fresh flowing glass and minimalistic – then a Building Control Officer suggests “to have this you need a home fire sprinkler system…”

When was the last time you heard of a fire sprinkler system in a domestic house? The answer is probably never. Many people can not believe that in the UK there has never been a fire death in a property with a fitted sprinkler system and there are more then you think. As in deed our biggest domestic market is in and around Central London.

A fire suppression system from Ultrasafe is your first line of defence against fire. We will design, install and maintain a sprinkler system that will contain a blaze within seconds of it breaking out, buying precious time for the fire brigade to arrive, and for lives and possessions to be saved. Not only do fire sprinklers protect families and vulnerable people, they protect animals, art collections, exquisite interior designs, classic cars and lavish soft furnishings. Who would not want protection from fire?

Space is a premium in London homes, so sub-terrain and basement conversions are on the increase, as is adding another level UP in the loft or roof. We have seen a surge in these type of designs and therefore our home fire sprinklers can keep your dream house a reality without compromise.

We understand that a home sprinkler system is not exactly the consumer purchase of choice. Unlike windows and doors there are no expensive TV ads or posters on the side of buses. Having a home sprinkler system is for many the last thing they would want in their property never mind budgeted for it – but you may be surprised it is the latest trend in fire safety and often essential.

Perhaps it’s your personal choice to have a domestic fire sprinkler in your home?

Within reason sprinklers can be fitted anywhere. You could have an expensive private collection which means everything to you, or simply you want to make sure that your family has the highest levels of protection possible.

Ultrasafe have many years experience enabling us to design bespoke sprinkler systems for unusual projects. This means that we will be able to supply the ideal solution customised to your needs and give you the most effective fire protection for your home within your budget. See our Domestic Sprinkler Case Studies for some examples of projects that we have completed.

We will try to make the process as painless as possible for you. We will give you all the advice and honest support possible to ensure that you are fully aware of what is required to install a sprinkler system in your home. Naturally installing a fire sprinkler system in a new building is a lot easier than a retrospective fit out, although the latter is always possible. 

 Whatever the reason know this:

A home fire sprinkler system is like having a fire-fighter in every room, 24/7. They are discreet, concealed within the ceiling or wall, safe and life savers. Sprinklers never false alarm and will contain, control and in many cases extinguish a fire altogether well before the professionals arrive.

Fire and Rescue services throughout UK recommend fire sprinklers in the home. For example: Norfolk Fire and Rescue ServiceCheshire Fire and Rescue ServiceDorset Fire and Rescue ServiceMerseyside Fire & Rescue ServiceDerbyshire Fire & Rescue Service and the list goes on.

For more information about the possibilities and peace of mind a fire sprinkler can bring get in touch.

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Case Studies


Real-Life Examples of Fire Sprinklers Saving Lives

The impact of fire sprinklers in the United Kingdom.   The implementation of stringent fire safety regulations and the widespread adoption of sprinkler systems in the UK have played a crucial role in preventing tragedies. In this blog post, we’ll explore real-life examples from the UK that highlight the life-saving...

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Domestic Fire Sprinkler System in apartments in Milton Keynes

 Property Details:  The project is being managed by Fraserview Investment who are converting the existing Chancery House office block in Central Milton Keynes, into approximately 23 apartments. The apartments are being built to a high specification, with a range of one or two bedroom apartments available. Ultrasafe was appointed to...

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Fire Suppression at new build Townhouses – Melton Road, Ipswich

Property Details: The project is being managed by Lynton Build Ltd who have recently built eight new townhouses on Melton Road in Ipswich. Each property is a 4 bedroom family home, comprising ground floor, first floor, second floor and an attic space, with a mains water supply located in the...

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Frequently Asked Questions


Fire Sprinkler System Cost

What is the approximate cost of a fire sprinkler system? We are often asked ‘How much does a Fire Sprinkler System cost?’ Of course it is very difficult to answer without knowing more details of the project. However we recognise that it is difficult to make the decision to seriously consider...

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What triggers fire sprinklers and can they go off accidentally?

What triggers fire sprinklers? Fire sprinklers are triggered by the air around the sprinkler head in the room reaching a certain temperature. Usually the temperature to trigger a residential sprinkler is 56oC.  Heat of 63oC is required to trigger fire sprinklers in larger warehouses where lots of heat is generated...

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What are the British Standards for Sprinkler Systems?

There are two British Standards for sprinkler systems in operation: BS 9251:2021 – Sprinkler Systems for Residential and Domestic Occupancies. (formerly BS 9251: 2014) BS EN 12845:2004 – Fixed Fire Fighting Systems. Automatic Sprinkler Systems. Design, Installation and Maintenance.  If you would like to read more about BS 9251 or read more about the product requirements for...

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