Self Build Fire Sprinklers

We are seeing increasing demand for DIY fire sprinklers for Self Build Projects. You don’t need building regs permission to install a sprinkler system, in a loft or basement conversion, for example, but structural changes must comply with building regulation fire safety requirements. We offer a design, supply and commission service so you can fit your own self build fire sprinkler system should you choose to.

Our Self Build Requirements

  1. The installer must be able to demonstrate training, experience and competence in the installation of fire sprinkler systems and be specifically trained to the LPCB standard.  
  2. The design for the pipe routes and hydraulic calculations is based on accurate drawings.
  3.  The installation is as designed (any deviation will effect the operation).
  4.  The installation process would need to be under the close supervision and inspection of Ultrasafe. 
  5.  We test and commission the system before certifying it.

We design and certify the sprinkler systems for your self build project to the current British standard (BS9251:2021)

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Case Studies


Real-Life Examples of Fire Sprinklers Saving Lives

The impact of fire sprinklers in the United Kingdom.   The implementation of stringent fire safety regulations and the widespread adoption of sprinkler systems in the UK have played a crucial role in preventing tragedies. In this blog post, we’ll explore real-life examples from the UK that highlight the life-saving...

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Fire Sprinkler Frequently Asked Questions


Fire Sprinkler System Cost

What is the approximate cost of a fire sprinkler system? We are often asked ‘How much does a Fire Sprinkler System cost?’ Of course it is very difficult to answer without knowing more details of the project. However we recognise that it is difficult to make the decision to seriously consider...

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What triggers fire sprinklers and can they go off accidentally?

What triggers fire sprinklers? Fire sprinklers are triggered by the air around the sprinkler head in the room reaching a certain temperature. Usually the temperature to trigger a residential sprinkler is 56oC.  Heat of 63oC is required to trigger fire sprinklers in larger warehouses where lots of heat is generated...

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What are the British Standards for Sprinkler Systems?

There are two British Standards for sprinkler systems in operation: BS 9251:2021 – Sprinkler Systems for Residential and Domestic Occupancies. (formerly BS 9251: 2014) BS EN 12845:2004 – Fixed Fire Fighting Systems. Automatic Sprinkler Systems. Design, Installation and Maintenance.  If you would like to read more about BS 9251 or read more about the product requirements for...

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What is a domestic property and a residential property with regard to fire sprinkler regulations?

Domestic or Residential Property? A domestic property in BS 9251:2005 is defined as dwelling that has no more than one family unit. This could be a house, individual flats and maisonettes. BS 9251:2005 requires that a sprinkler system must be designed to ensure that two sprinkler heads can be fed by...

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What about legionnaires in fire sprinklers?

Legionnaires in fire sprinklers is not a problem, if systems are designed and maintained correctly. The pipe work which is installed (CPVC) is of a food quality standard, negating legionella possibilities. Technical Briefing Note 14 (May 1999), produced by the LPC “Legionella and Fire Fighting Systems” states, “The conditions normally...

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