NFCC Urges Government to Strengthen Regulations for Mandatory Sprinklers in England

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has published a position statement today, urging the Government to introduce more robust regulations for mandating fire sprinklers and other automatic water suppression systems (AWSS) in England. Sprinklers in Schools and Care Homes The NFCC is calling on the Government to require that sprinklers...

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What is the Average Cost of a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Commercial Fire Sprinklers Cost / Benefit Analysis When considering the implementation of commercial fire sprinkler systems, one of the main questions when weighing up the cost/benefit analysis is what the average cost of a commercial fire sprinkler system. While we at Ultrasafe always believe the benefits of peace of mind...

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Real-Life Examples of Fire Sprinklers Saving Lives

The impact of fire sprinklers in the United Kingdom.   The implementation of stringent fire safety regulations and the widespread adoption of sprinkler systems in the UK have played a crucial role in preventing tragedies. In this blog post, we’ll explore real-life examples from the UK that highlight the life-saving...

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A fire sprinkler checklist for building owners

Building owners should always prioritise fire safety, and a key way to prevent major damage is by keeping fire sprinkler systems well-maintained. Regular checks and maintenance are vital to make sure these systems work well during a fire. Here’s a helpful checklist for building owners to maintain a safe environment…...

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How to care and clean fire sprinklers 

Can I wash fire sprinklers and heads? Fire sprinklers are a crucial component of any building’s safety system, ensuring the protection of lives and property in case of emergencies. So maintenance is key to ensure they function optimally. This blog explores the two most effective methods for caring for and...

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