Why Have a Fire Sprinkler?

In this video a Chartered Surveyor tells his moving story and explains why he believes that no home should be built without a fire sprinkler.

Hello I am Richard Kent a Chartered Surveyor, 59 years old, and I am a victim of fire.

On 6th January 2003 I lost two sons in a fire in Crowborough. In the lounge, where the fire supposedly started, we had the usual TV, music centre, discs, DVDs, CDs, videos. Those caught fire and the smoke killed my sons in approximately 4 minutes. It takes the fire service approximately 8 minutes to get to the house.

John Pirera, Area Manager Technical Fire Safety, Kent Fire & Rescue Service: Fires happen when you least expect it. They often occur at night when people are most at risk and unless you have some means of informing you and warning you in the first instance, and then hopefully some way of trying to extinguish that fire. Most people who die in fires very rarely get burnt, they normally die prior to the fire reaching them and that is why it is important and we want people to have smoke alarms and in the long term we would like houses that are vulnerable to have fire sprinklers.

Richard Kent: If we had had a sprinkler system it would have operated, we all would have walked out of the house. The lounge would have been badly damaged, cost a few thousand to put right. As it panned out it cost something like £150 thousand to rebuild the house, a sprinkler system was put in by Ultrasafe, I think it cost about two and a half thousand pounds which is between 1-2% of the build cost.

Fire sprinklers work.

No houses should be built, no properties should be built, what ever it is, without fire sprinklers installed.


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