10th Oct 2023

  Debunking Fire Sprinkler Myths

Debunking Fire Sprinkler Myths

Surrounding the world of sprinkler systems are several common myths that seem to steer towards them being more problematic than useful. However, these myths are in fact very harmful as they create the misconception that buildings are better off without sprinklers which is not only untrue but is impacting people’s decisions to install sprinkler systems in their homes. So we have made it our mission to debunk these myths and share knowledge about how sprinklers work efficiently and are effective.

Myth 1: Fire sprinklers will go off unnecessarily and are temperamental

This is one of the biggest myths that is associated with fire sprinklers; however, it is far from the truth. Fire sprinklers are designed to only activate when exposed to extremely high temperatures (around 68-74°C, 155-165°F), which is significantly higher than the temperature of minor heat sources or smoke. Rest assured that simply burning your food will not cause your sprinklers to set off. Not only are they not overly sensitive, but even if sprinklers were tampered with they are still very unlikely to go off (check out our FAQ page to find out more

Myth 2: Sprinklers are unnecessary if they have smoke detectors.

This is another big misconception that people have and it severely undermines the importance of sprinklers. Despite smoke detectors having their own vitality, as they detect early stages of a fire, they cannot extinguish or suppress the flames. Unlike sprinklers, which control and limit the spread of a fire providing an additional layer of protection. They are extremely effective in preventing both injury and property damage, and saving lives through the fast response that they have to fires. 

Myth 3:The belief that all sprinklers will activate when there’s a fire, damaging the whole building. 

It appears to be a common fear that if a fire begins, that every sprinkler installed will be set off causing water damage to every room. However, with most sprinkler systems only the sprinklers in the immediate vicinity of the fire will activate, they will not all set off needlessly. Additionally, the release of the water is controlled and measured to fight the fire but without causing added water damage than just combating the flames. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about your whole home getting flooded and destroyed if the fire is minor. 

Overall, debunking these myths is essential to hopefully encourage the installation of fire sprinklers and to convey just how important they are. The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service state that there have never been multiple fatalities in a fully sprinklered building, illustrating their pivotal role in fire safety(link the page here). And here at Ultrasafe, we can help you to ensure your safety. Get in touch with one of our experts for any advice .



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