10th Feb 2021

Fire Suppression at new build Townhouses – Melton Road, Ipswich

Property Details:

The project is being managed by Lynton Build Ltd who have recently built eight new townhouses on Melton Road in Ipswich. Each property is a 4 bedroom family home, comprising ground floor, first floor, second floor and an attic space, with a mains water supply located in the garage of each plot. Ultrasafe was appointed to install a domestic system in all eight new build plots.

Ultrasafe provided a full coverage system and installed our fire sprinkler system throughout each of the habitable rooms. Each plot contains 17 sprinkler heads installed over four floors.

The systems have been designed as a risk category 1 – Single family dwelling – with a 10 minute run time. Contact · Ultrasafe Fire Sprinklers 

Ultrasafe installed a fire sprinkler system in each of the eight townhouses


Ultrasafe Fire Sprinkler Solution within a residential home

Located in the garage of each plot is a dedicated 32mm mains water supply so that each of the eight townhouses can have a fire sprinkler system installed which is fed directly by the town water main. To ensure that water from the fire sprinkler system cannot re-enter the mains supply, back flow protections are in place. As such, there is no need to store the water in a tank or pump system. In this system, the fire sprinkler will be linked directly to the smoke alarms.


Mains Fed fire sprinkler system neatly installed in basement


Is it necessary to have a fire alarm if you have fire sprinklers installed?

A fire alarm installed in your home operates as an early warning system that the temperature within the building has increased. This gives everyone inside the home the chance to get out of the building, away from any potential danger and to call the Fire Brigade. However, a fire alarm does not protect the property in any way. Contact · Ultrasafe Fire Sprinklers 

Ultrasafe completed the first fix of the fire sprinkler system whilst building work continued


How does a fire sprinkler work?

When a fire reaches a set temperature, usually 68 °c, a frangible bulb within the sprinkler head will burst and allow water to flow. As activation is caused by heat, this might only affect one sprinkler head at a time, the objective is that this one fire sprinkler suppresses the flames and prevents the spread of a fire.  If necessary, additional individual fire sprinkler heads will activate once the set heat limit is reached.

In this project in Ipswich, it was recommended that the fire alarm was linked to the fire sprinkler system to ensure that no time is wasted, in the event of a fire. Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation, Servicing and Commissioning · Ultrasafe 


What is the benefit of installing a Fire Sprinkler in a residential home

In an open plan setting within a family home, one of the pleasures is being able to walk freely from room to room without the need for fitting fire doors, which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


How long did it take to install fire sprinklers in these new build properties?

To complete the 1st and 2nd fix at each of the eight plots took 4 days to complete and carry out testing to ensure they were working efficiently. The 1st fix involves fitting and connecting the relevant pipework. The 2nd fix is where 17 fire sprinkler heads were installed within the new build property.

Once all of the building works have been completed, Ultrasafe can then carry out the commissioning, the process which involves testing the installed system to ensure it operates correctly in accordance with BS safety standards. Two of the plots have now been commissioned and the remaining 6 plots will be tested and commissioned during February and March 2021.  


Showing the commissioned fire sprinkler system



To discuss your project, contact our Customer Services team Contact · Ultrasafe Fire Sprinklers and we’ll be happy to help.

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