18th Dec 2023

How to care and clean fire sprinklers 

Can I wash fire sprinklers and heads?

Fire sprinklers are a crucial component of any building’s safety system, ensuring the protection of lives and property in case of emergencies. So maintenance is key to ensure they function optimally. This blog explores the two most effective methods for caring for and cleaning fire sprinklers – feather dusters and hot water.

Feather Dusters:

Feather dusters are a gentle yet efficient tool for removing dust and cobwebs that may accumulate on fire sprinklers. Begin by turning off the water supply to the sprinkler system to prevent accidental activation. Carefully use a soft, clean feather duster to gently sweep away dust and debris from the sprinkler heads. Ensure that you reach all nooks and crannies, paying extra attention to the deflector, where dust tends to accumulate.

Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the delicate components of the sprinkler. Regular dusting with a feather duster can be performed monthly to keep the system in top condition.

Hot Water Cleaning:

For a more thorough cleaning, hot water can be a valuable ally. Start again by turning off the water supply and then gently wipe the sprinkler heads with a soft cloth to remove loose debris. Dip a soft sponge or cloth into the water and wring out excess water to prevent dripping.

Gently wipe the sprinkler heads, paying close attention to any stubborn spots. The warm water will dissolve and remove any grime or residue. Be cautious not to immerse the sprinkler heads in water, as this could potentially damage the internal components. Once cleaned, use a dry cloth to completely dry the sprinklers before restoring the water supply.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial for the proper functioning of fire sprinklers. Whether using a feather duster for a quick touch-up or opting for a more in-depth hot water cleaning, these methods will help ensure your fire sprinklers are ready to respond effectively in case of an emergency. Always follow manufacturer guidelines or contact us with any queries about your fire sprinkler system.


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