7th Jul 2021

Test It Tuesday

Test it Tuesday is a campaign to remind homeowners of the importance of checking smoke alarms weekly.

The Fire Service recommends that a Smoke Alarm is installed on every floor of your home and that they are tested once a week to make sure they are still working. A simple press of the test button on the alarm will show you if it is working instantly and could save lives. Having a Smoke Alarm in your home is really important as it will let you know that a fire has been detected, giving you time to leave the house and telephone the Fire Brigade.


Image shows Smoke Alarm being tested


How expensive are Sprinkler Systems?

Many people ask, ‘How expensive are Sprinkler Systems?’ and are often pleasantly surprised when Ultrasafe carry out a full assessment of their requirements and provide homeowners with a quote. Our team of Engineers are fully qualified and carry out Fire Sprinkler installation in homes throughout London and the South East and also in towns surrounding Bradford in the North. Contact Ultrasafe to find out the cost of installing a fire sprinkler system in your home.

Domestic Sprinklers in your home will detect heat from a fire and will start tackling the fire before the fire brigade arrives, helping to save lives and protect your property. Ultrasafe’s Fire Sprinklers use less water than a Fire Fighters hose so this helps both the environment and your home as there is usually less water damage in houses where the fire was extinguished by a sprinkler system.


Image shows fire sprinkler heads positioned discreetly in the ceiling


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Benefits of having a Domestic Sprinkler system in your home:

  • Saves lives
  • Protects your property and belongings
  • Once activated, causes minimal amount of damage to your property
  • Helps the Environment
  • Supports Firefighters

How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

Inside the fire sprinkler head there is a bulb which bursts when it detects a set temperature, usually 68°C, this allows the water to flow from the sprinkler head closest to the fire and extinguish the fire, causing the minimum of disruption to the room. If the fire continues to spread, additional fire sprinkler heads will activate and continue to suppress the flames, keeping the fire under control until the Fire Brigade arrives.

Ultrasafe can also install a fire sprinkler system which is linked to the smoke alarm to ensure that no time is wasted, in the event of a fire. Contact Ultrasafe

Here are some of our FAQ’s


If you would like to discuss Fire Sprinklers for your home, please call us on 01625 467245 or email info@ultrasafe.org.uk



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