23rd Mar 2021

Sprinkler System at Supported Living Community in Bradford

Property Details:

Horton View in Clayton near Bradford has recently been converted into a new community consisting of 13 supported living apartments. Whilst the design and layout of the apartments differs slightly, each apartment has a lounge, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area. In line with legal requirements, for the enhanced security of residents, Ultrasafe was appointed to design, install and commission a fire sprinkler system throughout each of the apartments.

The system has been designed as a Category Risk 3 system, suitable for a large residential care home with more than 10 residents. The communal areas will also have sprinkler heads installed to ensure they are protected in the event of a fire, bringing the total number of sprinkler heads throughout the building to 105. They will link into the building’s existing fire alarm. BuildingRegulationsEnglandandWalesPartBFireSafety2006.pdf (ultrasafe.org.uk)


Fire Sprinkler pipework during 1st fix

Fire sprinkler head fitted to ceiling in apartment

Fire Sprinkler system installed within communal areas at supported living at Horton View, Bradford


Ultrasafe’s design included the installation of a pump and tank system, to ensure the pressure and flow of the sprinkler heads works in accordance with the relevant standards and guidelines. Find out more about Guidelines for the supply of Water to Fire Sprinkler Systems (ultrasafe.org.uk)

What are the benefits of installing a fire sprinkler system in a Care Home?

  1. Fire sprinkler system will control the fire
  2. Small amounts of water used to extinguish the fire, compared with a fire hose
  3. Very little smoke and water damage as fire is contained within one area or room


Fire sprinkler system will control the fire

Having a fire sprinkler installed can give peace of mind to the residents and their families, knowing that if a fire reaches a set temperature of 68°c, the sprinkler head will burst and allow the water to flow and suppress the flames, to help contain the fire for long enough to allow residents to safely exit the building and to give the fire brigade time to arrive and take full control of the fire.

If the fire is severe and does spread quickly, additional sprinkler heads will activate when the set temperature is reached. One individual fire sprinkler head can cover up to 200 square feet, depending on the material used in the construction of the building and the materials and furniture stored within it.  Contact Ultrasafe to discuss your project


Orange pipework shows the first phase of the fire sprinkler installation



Less water is used to extinguish the fire resulting in less water damage

With an Ultrasafe fire sprinkler, between 8 and 24 gallons of water are used to put the fire out. This usually results in very little water damage, most of which will dry out naturally. It might be necessary to re-decorate the walls but often little else if needed. By comparison, water from a fire hose would deliver closer to 100 gallons of water, causing greater water damage. Ultrasafe considers many factors when designing the most suitable fire solution for every individual project, which includes calculating the fire sprinkler flow rate required.

Maintenance of fire sprinklers

Every fire sprinkler system should be serviced annually to ensure that it will perform as expected in the event of a fire. Ultrasafe carry out annual safety checks on all fire sprinkler systems, conforming to BS9251 British Standards. 

During the annual service, we will check:

  • Pressure and flow of the water supply
  • Control valves, flow switches and test valves
  • Sprinkler heads and pipework
    • If the Fire Sprinkler is connected to a Fire Alarm system, we will also check the Alarm

Following the service, we will issue a certificate of compliance, or if remedial work is required, we can provide you with a quote. To discuss your future fire sprinkler project, contact Chris on 01625 467245 . We look forward to hearing from you.


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