21st Apr 2021

Ultrasafe Fire Sprinkler saves a life and a home in April 2021

True Story – Ultrasafe Fire Sprinkler Activation in Essex, RM19 9FA

Two years ago, in 2019, Ultrasafe installed a domestic fire suppression system in a residential home at 2 Shade Mews in Essex and we have carried out routine maintenance annually since then. When we install our systems, we hope they are never activated, but if and when they so rarely are, they must work to save lives!

In April 2021, we received a telephone call from the home owner telling us that our fire sprinkler system has been activated, due to a kitchen fire. We and they, are delighted that no one was seriously injured, but the occupant was taken to hospital as a precaution for smoke inhalation. In the property there was minimal damage as the fire was totally controlled by our sprinkler system which suppressed and extinguished the fire in the kitchen, prior to the arrival of the Fire Service.

The Fire Brigade attended but all they needed to do was shut off the water supply to our sprinkler system, as the fire was totally extinguished. Note – only the sprinklers in the kitchen activated to suppress the fire, which is how they work, the rest of the house can still be occupied and within 24 hours the kitchen was dry.


Ultrasafe Fire Sprinkler System extinguished the fire in this kitchen before the Fire Service arrived


Don’t tell the actor Paul Newman, or he will have to re-film Towering Inferno……  

So, our team saved life and property and saved taxpayers money because the Fire Service had so little to do! An amazing result. According to the Fire & Rescue Service, more than half of accidental fires at home are started by cooking, often when cookers and grills are left unattended.

This image shows why people should install an Ultrasafe fire suppression system in their home, as it is proof our system works! At the moment the Kitchen does not look its best, but this is far better than if sprinklers were not installed and the fire had been allowed to spread uncontrolled.

How do Ultrasafe Fire Sprinklers Work?

When a fire reaches a set temperature, usually 68°c, a frangible bulb within the sprinkler head will burst and allow water to flow. As activation is caused by heat, this might only affect one sprinkler head at a time, the objective is that this one fire sprinkler suppresses the flames and prevents the spread of a fire.  If necessary, additional individual fire sprinkler heads will activate once the set heat limit is reached. This Case Study will explain in more detail.

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