29th Jun 2021

Upgrade to Water Mist System at Grosvenor Gardens, London

Re-fit of Water Mist System at Grosvenor Gardens, London

When installing a fire sprinkler system in an office space, Ultrasafe give consideration to the material the building is made from, the layout of the building and to the occupants. This helps determine how many fire sprinkler heads will be needed and the most suitable position for the sprinkler heads to be installed.

The offices located in the Basement at Grosvenor Gardens in London, SW1 were being re-developed in May 2021, which involved a change in the way the office space, reception areas and meeting rooms were being designed. Whilst the existing water mist system was still working well, the majority of the fire sprinkler heads were no longer positioned in areas where they would be at their most effective in putting out a fire and saving lives and property.


Ultrasafe re-located the Fire Sprinkler Heads in this refurbished office in London


Ultrasafe was asked to design, install and commission an upgraded water mist system suitable for the new office design. This involved re-routing most of the pipework. Ultrasafe’s Engineers inspected each of the existing fire sprinkler heads and established that it would be possible to re-use and re-route approximately 28 and tie them in with the new upgraded fire protection system. Get in touch with Ultrasafe


Ultrasafe Engineer assessing Water Mist System at offices in Grosvenor Gardens, London



How does a water mist fire suppression system work?

A water mist system is fed by a number of cylinders which are filled with 1/3rd water and a mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen. This mix creates a 10 bar pressure feed to the Riser, producing a fine spray which suppresses a fire by cooling the flame and evaporates the surrounding gases. The smaller the water particle, the faster it vaporizes, creating a cool mist in the air.

At Grosvenor Gardens there are 10 cylinders which will deliver water mist at high pressure. In the event further water is required, Ultrasafe has connected the system to the mains water supply, this will continue to supply water at a lower pressure.


Featured: Cylinders which deliver water mist at high pressure to extinguish fire at office in London


Once the installation has been completed and the new offices have been plastered and decorated, Ultrasafe will return to carry out a full commissioning of the system, which will involve testing the installed system to ensure it operates correctly in accordance with BS safety standards. Ultrasafe will recommend ongoing fire sprinkler servicing and maintenance to ensure that fire suppression systems perform as expected in the event of a fire and that they continue to meet Safety Standards. Thereafter, a weekly sprinkler test is important to ensure the fire sprinkler system is working effectively.

What is the BS 9251 Fire Sprinkler Safety Standard?

BS 9251 is the main British Standard covering fire sprinklers in this country. BS 9251 gives guidance for the design, installation, components, water supplies and back flow protection, commissioning, maintenance and testing of fire sprinkler systems installed for life safety purposes with additional benefits for property protection in residential and domestic occupancies.

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