17th Jan 2024

A fire sprinkler checklist for building owners

Building owners should always prioritise fire safety, and a key way to prevent major damage is by keeping fire sprinkler systems well-maintained. Regular checks and maintenance are vital to make sure these systems work well during a fire. Here’s a helpful checklist for building owners to maintain a safe environment…

Regular Inspections:

Conduct routine visual inspections to ensure sprinkler heads are free from obstruction, corrosion, or damage. Verify that the control valves are in the open position and there are no signs of leaks.


Confirm that sprinkler heads and control valves are easily accessible. Avoid placing storage or equipment that could obstruct the water spray pattern.

Temperature Ratings:

Check that sprinkler heads are appropriate for their designated locations and have the correct temperature rating. Different areas of a building may require sprinklers with specific temperature tolerances.

Pressure Gauges:

Monitor pressure gauges regularly to ensure they fall within the recommended range. Abnormal readings may indicate a potential issue with water supply or system pressure.

Water Supply:

Inspect the water supply source to ensure an adequate and reliable water flow. Regularly test the water flow alarms to ensure they activate as intended.

Annual Testing:

Schedule annual tests to check the functionality of the entire fire sprinkler system. This includes comprehensively examining all components, from pipes and fittings to alarms and control panels.   


Maintain detailed records of all inspections, tests, and maintenance activities. This documentation is crucial for regulatory compliance and can serve as valuable reference material in emergencies.

Employee/resident training:

Ensure that staff members or residents are familiar with the location of sprinkler system components and understand the basics of their operation. Conduct fire drills to reinforce emergency procedures.

By adhering to this fire sprinkler checklist, building owners can significantly enhance the reliability and effectiveness of their fire protection systems. Proactive maintenance not only safeguards property but, more importantly, protects the lives of occupants in the event of a fire emergency. Check out the rest of our website or contact us on 01625 467 245 with any queries. Get in touch with our team of experts we are waiting to help you.

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