17th Mar 2021

Domestic Fire Sprinkler System in apartments in Milton Keynes

 Property Details: 

The project is being managed by Fraserview Investment who are converting the existing Chancery House office block in Central Milton Keynes, into approximately 23 apartments. The apartments are being built to a high specification, with a range of one or two bedroom apartments available.

Ultrasafe was appointed to install a risk category 2 domestic fire sprinkler system in each of the apartments, which means that if the fire sprinkler is activated, the water flow will run for 30 minutes. The 1st fix involved fitting and connecting the relevant pipework to operate between 6 – 7 sprinkler heads in each of the apartments, this was carried out to the first 10 apartments in February 2021. Once completed, there will be a total of 181 sprinkler heads across the whole of the block of apartments.

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This image shows the stage at which the 1st fix is carried out



Ultrasafe Fire Sprinkler Solution within apartments

A pump and tank system will be located on the ground floor plant room of the newly converted block of apartments, which will supply the water to feed the sprinkler system. The fire sprinklers will be linked directly to the smoke alarms on each floor level so that it can be easily monitored and should there be a fire, the system will activate and the location of the fire can be quickly determined.

Once all of the building works have been completed in the Summer of 2021, Ultrasafe can then carry out the commissioning, the process which involves testing the installed system to ensure it operates correctly in accordance with BS safety standards.


How much does a Fire Sprinkler System Cost?

We are often asked about the cost of installing a Fire Sprinkler within a family home or apartment. It is very difficult to answer without knowing the full details of each individual project. We recognise that it is difficult to make the decision to seriously consider having a fire sprinkler system installed unless you have some indication of the costs. Many people perceive a fire sprinkler systems as expensive and complex to install and so never seriously consider the benefits. Often clients are pleasantly surprised when we explain the actual details and cost involved. This post aims to give you some indication of the price and impact on your property. 


If you are considering installing a fire sprinkler system, please discuss your project with Chris, who will be happy to consider the most suitable design and provide you with a quote. 


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